presenting: your lover is dead

i’m excited to announce that my first tabletop roleplaying game is now out, as part of quer // skev, a collaboration between myself & hauke corposant which gives out games and, in the near future, zines. so what is your lover is dead?

your lover is dead is a single-session story game for two players, exploring the relationship between a couple separated by death or a similarly devastating boundary. it isn’t a game where chance plays a significant role; there are no dice or coin-tosses. it’s a game where the unexpected is created in the interaction between two people, and two characters with an imperfect understanding of each other. to play you require two players able to communicate (face-to-face, over voice chat, text chat, the phone), and two distinguishable types of token. a game takes about 1-2 hours.

this is a call-and-response game where players take turns asking questions of each other, based on games like firebrands and divine || mundane. in contrast to these games, though, your lover is dead is a game with a linear, set-length structure, focusing in on telling a much more specific type of story. it’s also a game which entangles your characters with each other from the jump, assuming a shared past which will emerge in play. character creation requires you to lay out your assumptions about each other’s characters and to work with that information to build something you like—although it doesn’t ask you to agree with what you’ve been given. it’s a game about intimacy and distance. it doesn’t, however, aim to be a game which tells you which you should want in the long run.

it’s a melancholy and erotic ghost story.


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